Delimenti was created to produce premium products merging all the pure elements and nutritional value that Greek products have to offer in order to perfectly combine taste combination. Every single recipe of Delimenti includes three unique characteristics: labor of love, passion, creativity, which are harmoniously combined with the pure raw materials of exceptional quality resulting in products.


In search of appropriate recipes, we took a trip back in time, to places and faces familiar, discovering the very beginnings of the necessity to retain one such special product on our daily table. This is the driving force which resulted in the creation of something so unique. Returning to the present and using the knowledge of the past, we transferred these tastes to your table with an imaginative touch.


Persistence in the selection of products of exceptional quality as well as the conditions of production are guaranteed by strict prototypes. All of these differentiate Delimenti and make its products unique. Enriching your cuisine with our products and using your imagination, you can transform classic taste to gourmet. The use of Delimenti products is responsible for the extraordinary gastronomic result.